Malou Verlomme is an independant typeface designer. You can follow him, or contact him. 

Here are some of his typefaces: Boucan, Messanges, Ionic No 5, Macklin, Madera, Ariata, Placard Next, Johnston100, the new typeface of the London underground [with Monotype, 2016]. Mahj, for the musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme [with Doc Levin & Hélène Marian, 2015]. Ecam & Totem, available at  Longtype [with Mathieu Chévara, 2015]. Ecriture A & B, the French writing model in schools [with Laurence Bedoin & Marion Andrews, 2013]. Fondation, for the Fondation de France [with Mathieu Chévara, 2013]. Camille, initially designed for Camille Muller, now part of the CNAP collections [2012]. Brito, [with Yoan De Roeck & Fanch Le Henaff, 2011]. Gotham Greek & Cyrillic [with Tobias Frere-Jones & Sara Soskolne, 2010]. Ficus, designed at the University of Reading [2006].

He also wrote the books Ici c’est bon [with Clément Criseo, 2015] and Tag [with Clément Criseo, 2013].